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Irvine Kinneas
24 November
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Name: Irvine Kinneas
Gender: Male
Age: 17 18 now, thanks.
DOB: Nov. 24th
Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 6'1"
Eyes: amethyst
Hair: Long/light brown
Orientation: a '4' on the Kinsey scale
Song: 'Do it Again' 'Timberwolves at New Jersey'
Currently Resides: Alexandria
Powers: aqua, poison, tornado

Personality: Irvine is generally an optimistic, fun-loving kind of guy. He enjoys having a good time, whatever it is that he may be doing, but the self-dubbed 'Cowboy' has his serious side just like everyone else. Said serious side tends to show itself, perhaps at seemingly unpredictable times, but those who know the boy well know better. Hailing from two families that are known for producing excellent marksmen, Irvine is a "sharpshooter" and a damn good one at that. He's aware of his ability and, when asked, isn't exactly modest about it, however, he still takes the responsibilty that comes with being a gunman seriously. Irvine is an affectionate, and somewhat sensitive person who often has problems communicating his feelings and places emphasis on taking life into one's own hands instead of being swept along by "fate" or "destiny". Stubborn but sweet, Irvine Kinneas is, overall, someone with a good heart - even if his actions don't always tell the same story.

Weaknesses: This cowboy loves company and has a problem with being excluded, fearing to be the sole 'odd man out'. Irvine also has a problem with, when something that really bothers him happens, discarding his optimistic nature and dwelling on said happenings longer than perhaps necessary. Due to his sometimes thoughtless nature, Irv has problems with miscommunication and may say things he shouldn't, or act without understanding an entire situation. While he is sometimes hesistant to speak of things in his own life that he would rather not, Mr. Kinneas has a problem with people not telling him things that might affect their relationship, whatever kind it is they have. Lying offends Irvine as well, though, oddly enough, not as much as keeping things from him.
Generally relying on his weapons (guns - preferably rifles) and items, sometimes the cowboy forgets he has his spells and may neglect to use them.

title or description

History: Irvine lived with his mother (Alicia) and father (Erik) on a little ranch on the outskirts of a little town. The father wasn't exactly a role model and used to gamble, sleep around, and abuse both drink as well as Irv's mom, but never, ever tried to touch his boy...untill, of course, that one day after school....
Some little girls in his class had asked the small boy who he had a crush on, each in turn hoping to be picked, but instead, Irvine named another boy. He was teased relentlessly, of course, but that was nothing compared to the rage his father flew into when he found out from local gossip. The man, wasted and enraged, made to strike out at his son, when Alicia intervened. She tried to hold her husband back, saying that surely this was all a misunderstanding and pleading as well for him to take it out on her. But when has that ever worked for a mother? Her efforts in vain, and Erik preparing to come down hard on her son, Alicia Kinneas picked up a rifle and shot her husband clean through the heart. Irvine was 8 years old at the time. For the next four years he lived happily with his mother and her brother, his Uncle Jesse, the latter of whom would become his hero and his inspiration. When the cowboy in making was 12, however, his mother passed away of illness and 4 weeks later, his uncle disappeared without a word. Irvine tried to live it out as best as he could at home by himself, but he was still just a boy. Taking few things with him, including his uncle's gun and favorite hat, Irvine began to travel, doing poorly for himself to begin with. Fortunately, that is when he met Quitis Trepe, and the woman he now thinks of fondly as a sister took care of him and "kicked his ass" when he needed it. Taking a break from travelling and living here and there, Irvine settled into the town of Dali at age 14 or 15. There he met Rinoa Heartilly and fell in love and dated for about 2 years. Unfortunately (yes, again) during one night together (read: 'together') Rinoa's father, Caraway, discovered the two and, while Irvine got away that night, his life in Dali was a living hell ever afterwards. Caraway, you see, had spread rumors, dirty, disturbing rumors about the boy and turned most of the town against him. Hurt that not even Rinoa had spoken up for him (he, at the time, had no idea she couldn't of), Irvine packed his things and made out for a new life. From that day to this, the cowboy's met Tidus, Aerith, Yazoo, Demyx, and a whole host of others. He's been to parties and gotten into trouble, fallen in love and out of like, taken up for friends and been taken up for. But now I would be overreaching if I said anymore, for this, my friends, is where my boy's story picks up again...

Quote(s): "Trouble? Me? Come on! What do you take me for! I never cause any trouble! Although occasionally it likes to come find me~." ♥


[[Art by KayradeMashi ,Miiol and iDNAR]]